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Airlines Add Baggage Fees

Posted on September 23, 2014 by admin

Airlines Add Baggage Fees

The cost of flying will soon increase for millions of Canadian passengers as the two major Canadian airlines join their American neighbours and are now charging a fee to check your first bag. Air Canada and WestJet announced last week that they will start charging for all checked luggage. Traveling golfers will now pay extra for traveling with their golf clubs, as either a first checked bag or a second checked bag and could possibly be charged additional fees as overweight or oversized.

Airlines on both sides of the border are now making it not only less convenient to bring your own clubs but also more expensive, the prices start at $25 each way as a first checked bag and additional costs are added depending upon the airline and if the clubs are a second checked bag, overweight (+50lbs at many airlines and +70lbs at others) or oversize. These additional costs can really add up and in certain instances could amount to $200 or more each way.

Wow! It really does make sense to consider the option of renting golf clubs at your destination point.

The question of renting clubs has always been a convenience decision but now it is also a price consideration, you can actually rent premium golf clubs from Travel Golf Center in Phoenix/Scottsdale or Vegas for less than it costs to bring your own. It has always made sense to rent golf clubs when you are traveling on business and only planning to golf a couple of days, or traveling to Vegas and only have time to golf a couple of days! Now it could actually be less expensive even when golfing 4 or 5 times. Oh, and did I mention what a pain in the ass it is to haul those clubs around not to mention if you have to go through Customs, I know all you women out there are with me on that one!

Historically if you say “rental golf clubs” to a golfer you’ll get a grimace, they’d rather pay to haul their far from new clubs then take a chance on “rental clubs”. There were actually some pretty good reasons for feeling that way, if you rented at a golf course you never knew what you’ll get plus when you go to a different course you’ll play different clubs plus they charge you like you’ve got no options, which I guess once you arrive at the course you really don’t have any other options.

Well, at Travel Golf Center we’ve changed that picture and offer premium golf clubs for rent at great prices with great choices. We make it convenient by allowing you to pre-select your clubs from three different manufacturers on our website. Want an R-1 Driver and Rocketbladez Irons with Stiff flex shafts, no problem. Want ½” Long or 1” Long irons, no problem. Want LH Regular shaft Pings, no problem. Want a set of Women’s RH Callaway Razr Fit woods and Razr X irons, no problem. Want a mallet putter from Odyssey or Ping, no problem. Want to mix TaylorMade woods with Callaway irons, no problem. We have an option that will fit all levels of golfer and make sure you have the right set to maximize your golfing enjoyment. Our Value Bag and Tour Bag options plus the ability to customize really sets us apart and makes Travel Golf Center the clear choice for rental golf clubs in Scottsdale/Phoenix or Vegas.

Travel Golf Center also makes getting your clubs as convenient as possible. We have drop off and pick up location in Peoria in the Golfsmith Store or Scottsdale in the Golf Anything Outlet, we’ll drop off and pick up to your Scottsdale or Vegas Hotel/Resort, heck we’ll even meet you at the Car Rental Center.

If the convenience factor plus club choice wasn’t enough the airlines are now giving you a financial reason to leave your clubs at home and simplify your trip. We’ll do the rest including some great Discount Tee Times, check us out on-line or give us a call.

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