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Ryder Cup 2014 - Brookline Re-Visited?

Posted on September 27, 2014 by admin

The 12 singles matches have been posted and we`ll either have an exciting day of golf or it`ll be over early.

Team Europe has an overwhelming lead, 10 - 6, going into the final day with 12 singles matches determining the outcome. Europe only needs 4 wins to retain the Ryder Cup, I think I hear singing in the background or at least bagpipes warming up!

We`ve been here before and only twice has a team overcome this type of deficit to win the cup, 1999 in Brookline and of course 2012 in Medinah. It`s the Brookline result that favored Team USA but it`s actually 2012`s result that is freshest and should provide enough incentive to get the job done. If Team Europe can do it at an American course then it`s only right that Team USA should get it done on the road. In fact you could say the script has worked out perfectly to allow the ultimate opportunity for revenge, an overwhelming win would have been satisfying but not nearly as satisfying as a record tying come from behind victory that would pass back to the Europeans the ``choke`` tag Team USA has had to carry for two years.

Captain Watson has decided to put the youngsters out first and hope they`ll kick it off in the right direction with the veteran`s sprinkled in to keep the momentum flowing.

Singles Matches:

Mcdowell vs. Spieth - Mcdowell has a great Ryder Cup record but Spieth has been impressive and youth will prevail.

Stenson vs. Reed - Reed has also been very impressive but Stenson has been having a great year and will move Team Europe 1 point closer.

McIroy vs. Fowler - Hard to bet against McIroy and Ricky has plenty of respect for Rory`s abilities but Mr. Fowler`s great attitude will keep it close and get the 1/2 point needed, A/S match.

Rose vs. Mahan - Team Europe closes to within 1 1/2 points as Rose prevails over a game Mahan.

Gallacher vs. Mickelson - Phil`s record has not improved here in Scotland but he`s going to pull out this victory and a much needed point for his team.

Kaymer vs. Watson - Kaymer has been playing great while Bubba is an emotional player, fortunately he`ll ride the emotions from Phil`s victory and pull it out.

Bjorn vs. Kuchar - This European may be a Ryder Cup rookie but is no stranger to playing well under pressure, he`ll put Matt away.

Garcia vs. Furyk - Much like Bubba, Segio rides emotions while Furyk stays with his game plan. I expect the game plan to win this match and Jim will finally close out a match.

Poulter vs. Simpson - Poulter`s a scary good Ryder Cup player but perhaps we`ve seen a crack this week, Simpson takes advantage to get him down early and keep his mind out of sync to win the match.

Donaldson vs. Bradley - Bradley`s a cool customer and he`ll need to be if the day unfolds as projected. Keegan will ride the high of Phil`s victory to find his own against a very good Luke Donaldson.

Westwood vs. Walker - Youth again? That`s the only chance so why not give it to Walker in a tight match.

Dubuisson vs. Johnson - We`re down to the last match and again it`s rookie against veteran except the veteran is Johnson. Who else would you want over that last putt for the cup?

Final Day Matches   Team USA 8 1/2      Team Europe 3 1/2

Final Total                Team USA 14 1/2   Team Europe 13 1/2

Perhaps a bit of wishful thinking but heck why not? Don`t bet your house on it but history shows it can happen, and what great television!


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