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Ryder Cup - Europe Leads - Cue the Comeback!

Posted on September 26, 2014 by admin

Well I wasn't 100% correct about the morning matches but I sure got the rookies right and Ricky Fowler continued to play great golf. Spieth and Reed looked like seasoned veteran's in their morning match ending Poulter's winning streak as predicted. The surprise of the morning was the dramatic comeback fashioned by Mickelson and Bradley who finally found a way to improve Phil's winning percentage with a win over McIroy and Garcia.

Morning matches finished:

5&4 Europe    Rose/Stenson vs. Watson/Simpson

A/S                 Bjorn/Kaymer vs. Fowler/Walker

5/4 USA          Spieth/Reed vs. Gallacher/Poulter

1 Up                Mickelson/Bradley vs. McIlroy/Garcia

Prediction 2 - 2      Actual Team USA 2 1/2 - Team Europe 1 1/2

I'm not sure what Team USA has for lunch but I'd suggest a change in menu for tomorrow. The afternoon matches pretty much went the way of Team Europe as they won three matches and halved the other. McIroy and Garcia birdied the last three holes to tie their match and earn a half point from Fowler/Walker, which turned out to be the only points for Team USA. Mickelson and Bradley lose their afternoon match to the steady if not spectacular McDowell and his partner Dubuisson while the team of Furyk and Kucher replaced the rookies and lost 2 Up to Donaldson/Westwood. The other team playing their first match for USA Mahan/Johnson also lost 2 & 1 to Rose/Stenson completing the comeback for Europe.

Captain Tom Watson had to be pleased with the morning performances of his rookies and they need to be back in the matches tomorrow morning. Also likely to sit out is Phil Mickelson and his partner who lost a little of their magic in the afternoon and should watch from the sidelines, at least in the morning. With respect to Team Europe, not much to change unless maybe getting his team to bed a little earlier so they`re ready for the first matches in the morning.

Afternoon matches finished:

2 UP Europe  Donaldson/Westwood vs. Furyk/Kuchar

2 & 1 Europe  Rose/Stenson vs. Mahan/Johnson

A/S                 McIlroy/Garcia vs. Fowler/Walker

3 & 2 Europe  Dubuisson/McDowell vs. Mickelson/Bradley

Prediction 4 - 4     Actual Team USA 3 - Team Europe 5

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